Disinfection Channel - Thermwindows

Key Features

  • To stay away from coronavirus COVID-19
  • 360 degree whole body fogging disinfection, Non contact temperature measurement, Labor saving and safer without contact
  • Food grade disinfectant (hypochlorous acid solution)
  • Two models are available (Indoor & Outdoor), Face recognition (optional)
  • Suitable for entrances such as schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, airports, office buildings, etc
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Custom Options

  • Disinfection Channel
  • Application
  • Parameters
  • Configuration
  • Sizes

1Temperature measurement moduldTPIL16TApresys8.6*8.61
2Hand sterilization module(spray)K-3008-BCREADE12.4*10.8*15.91
3display screenLED-485-1Mxin16.35*8.451
4Indicator light5002TJLASEEM5*5.81
5Centrifugal Air Curtail MachineFM-3509-LNANYOO90*22*21.21
6Ultrasonic nebulizerPH-90LOCE22.5*22.5*591
7Electric control box(include controls and software)CustomizedCustomized30*40*201

    Thermometry and Disinfection Channel Machine

    Thermometry and Disinfection Anti epidemic Machine machine is suitable for public health prevention and monitoring. It uses disinfectant spray to sterilize human body, pet, cargo and luggage. Meanwhile, it performs the non contact detection which can intuitively and accurately determine the abnormal body temperature. This type is suitable for indoor scenarios such as schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, airports, stations, subways, scenic resort, shopping malls, construction sites, office buildings, etc.

    Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Tunnel Equipment

    360 degree whole body fogging disinfection It provides whole body atomization disinfection with hand induction disinfection machine and foot disinfection carpet, which can effectively kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms Food grade disinfectant Safe and non toxic to human body. Non contact temperature measurement Non contact infrared body temperature detection with voice broadcast test results to quickly detect abnormal body temperature Labor saving It can be used immediately after startup, and the whole process of temperature measurement and disinfection is automatically controlled Safer without contact No contact during the whole process, effectively avoiding virus transmission.

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