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Over 10 Years of Experience

Shanghai Superwu™ Therm Windows,LLC, is a technology-oriented manufacturer of aluminum windows and doors in China for over 10 years.

Windows and doors can define a space. With every finished good, we transcend the boundaries of house and nature, to bring a comfortable living environment.

10-year is just a beginning. We think forward, and thrive for a better approach for a more sustainable society.

Superwu is for a super life. Our continuous research and development leads to offer unique solutions like bullet proof and hurricane proof and thermal insulation and so on with many innovative features, which totally meet the needs of our customers. So, you aren't just installing windows and doors. You're installing excellence.

Superwu is the big privately-owned aluminium doors & windows manufacturer in Shanghai. It is among the top suppliers of branded aluminium door and window systems for architectural use mainly in Australia, USA, and Canada.

With 15 years of experience, Superwu is one of the most advanced companies in the design and production of aluminium door and window products with state-of-the-art production lines in all factories.

Superwu products aluminium door and window systems which are designed and developed in the Group's Research and Development Department and then tested and certified by internationally accredited certification institutes and laboratories, such as Australia Standard, A,A,M,A (USA), CSA STAMARD, Florida Approved etc.

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Core Values

  • Integrity

    Honesty and integrity are our principles. We admire truth - true quality, true service. And act truly with our words.

  • Respect

    We respect our team members, customers, partners, and supplier wholeheartedly, creating an atmosphere of diversity.

  • Unity

    Flat organizations and interdependence unite us as always. We work together, building strong connections for greater value.

  • Communication

    Individuals here can share their opinions freely and inspire innovation. We are open, kind-hearted to create a harmonious factory.

  • Accountability

    We are more susceptible to attempts at quantification to better take responsibility for our performance in our decisions.

Advanced Facility

Located in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Superwu™ Therm Windows,LLC, operates out of an automated, state-of-the-art 8,000 square meter facility.

With a commitment to manufacturing excellence, we utilize the latest equipment and processes to offer you aluminum windows and doors that are simply built better.

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