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Superwu(Superhouse) is the only manufacturer in China certified by the Miami Dade County and the Florida Building Commission.You can find us on:
The glass used for impact resistance products is a laminated interlayer sandwich between two sheets of glass in varied thickness, similar to car windshields and aircraft windows. It can break upon a severe impact however it will not allow the flying object or water to enter through the window.
We offer our greatest level of hurricane strength protection for your coastal home,to meet the tough building code requirements in coastal areas.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy-saving materials reduce heat loss and result in fewer draughts and cold spots.

  • Home Security

    The impact resistant windows and doors can result in additional benefits of burglar incursion, and noise reduction.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost effective windows and doors can still be green, thanks to our long-term coopertion with some of the top material supplier of offering the best yet offordable components.

  • Low Maintainance

    It's the performance for a lifetime. The aluminum crafted by a series of processes is resistant enough to abrasion and fading. Lasting durability results in superior materials.

About hurricane
Impact windows

Why we need impact windows?

Choosing impact windows will slightly increase the direct costs than ordinary windows, but these costs will be offset by the additional benefits. If you count the intangible benefits, it is more cost-effective.

  • Storm Protection
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Soundproofing
  • Discounts on Insurance
  • ......

Where are hurricane windows suitable?

Hurricane windows are specially designed to withstand heavy impact and high-pressure force without shattering. They're ideal for hurricane zones and coastal in where high-speed straight-line winds cause severe damage.

  • Florida
  • The Caribbean
  • Other coastal hurricane zone
  • ......

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