Why Aluminum – Thermwindows

What exactly does it mean to be green ?

Green means recyclable without bringing any harmful waste or gases, and have a low impact on the environment. Aluminum is one of such materials, being easily recyclable and in abundant resources.

The Green Metal

Aluminum is known as "green metal", for it offers the key contribution to architects and builders which on one hand it reduces the construction fee; on the other hand, its durability and sustainability win people's heart on protecting the earth.

At the end-of-life stage in a building, aluminum is 100% recyclable and may be reused in building components without any loss in quality.

the Ravages of Time

Aluminum resists temperature, corrosion, and humidity.

Aluminum-framed windows with thermal barriers will insulate against heat, while operating smoothly and tightly. The anodized finishes of the aluminum alloys provide no combustible risk and stable chemical properties, which means no skin allergy.


  • 01Light in weight, approximately 1/3 the weight of steel
  • 02Corrosion resistant
  • 03Non-magnetic
  • 04Infinitely recyclable
  • Wood

    Natural Resource, limited Easily damaged

  • PVC

    Very little conductivity but toxic

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