Window Wall - Thermwindows

Key Features

  • Range of frame depths and widths.
  • Single, double and performance glazing.
  • Solar control glazing products.
  • Externally mounted sun-shading elements.
  • Feature options included.
  • 10 years’ guarantee.
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Custom Options

  • Glazing Options
  • Performance
  • Colors
  • Applications
  • Surface Finish: Low-e/ Reflective/Frosted/ Tinted/ Clear tempered glazing


Thickness OptionsSingle6mm; 10mm; 12mm single tempered glazing
Double Glass5+12A+5mm; 5+27A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm double glass
Triple glass5+6A+5+6A+5mm triple glass
Laminated Glass5+0.76pvb+5mm;6+2.28pvb+6mm Laminated Glass
Window TypeFixed WindowsWindow Style
U-value (Differ by glass types)0.8-1.5 W/m²KFixed Windows
Water Tightness900 Pa
Wind Load Capacity5000 Pa
Noise Reduction≤ 41 dB

*The performance of the window depends on the type of glass used and the frame material.

High rise commercial and residential towers

Institutional & Monumental buildings

Hotel developments

Apartment buildings

Shopping centres

Retail outlets

Industrial complexes


  • Thermal insulation

    0.8-1.5 W/m²K

  • Acoustic performance

    ≤ 41 dB

  • Wind load resistance

    Up to 5000 Pa

Versatility and Flexibility

SuperWu window walls are flexible, tried-and-tested solutions among our range of façade systems. The wide range of profiles and the extensive equipment options guarantee optimum creative freedom. Just send us your proposal and our state-of-the-art technology will ensure the highest level of process security, from the planning stage through to completion.

Resistance to Forced Entry

Window walls need to be reinforced to avoid forced entry. SuperWu window walls are designed for external or internal use on buildings. They provide protection against a range of forcible attack with quality hardware and laminated glazing.

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