Sustainability – Thermwindows
  • Green Does
    Us Good

  • Cheer Workers

    Workers are a major key to our success. We know the value of our workers and compensate them with fair wages and generous benefits.

  • Protect Customers

    Green companies use only safe materials. We provide goods and services and find positive alternatives that improve the community in which they are located.

  • Green Products

    We evaluate the production processes and make changes that have a positive impact on the environment. People, the planet and profit, that what we focus to.

  • Eco-friendly Operations

    Environmentally-conscious choices are made regarding the heating and cooling systems, install low-energy lighting and put energy-conserving policies in place.

  • Clean Power

    One of the biggest drains on the environment is the excessive use of electricity. The office buildings make efforts to minimize the electricity consumption by the people in the building.

The Way We Do

  • Key Input

    • Financial resources
    • Technology
    • Labor
    • Knowledge & Skills
    • Impact accessment
    • Infrastructure
  • Key Output

    • Taxes
    • Job creation & stable job base
    • Skilled employees
    • Environmental footprint
  • Key Effect

    • Key Effect
    • Professional products
    • Local enterprise development
    • Quality of life
    • Environmental impact

Green Supply
Chain Management

We clearly stick to our sustainability expectations and fulfill them by setting up our supplier standards.

Every year, we reaccess suppliers and those that do not demonstrate annual improvements are subject to a review by our procurement & sustainability teams.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The aluminum products we produced is crafted by recyclable aluminum, glazing and inert coatings and finishes. To promote global sensitivity, our aluminum scrap is recycled.

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