Certificates & Quality – Thermwindows

Tested by International Laboratories

Our quality system covers all details a great product needs and is fully integrated with our overall business management systems. With these principles we acquire several certifications:

  • We anticipate customers' needs and expectations.
  • We safeguard our customers by regulatory compliance.
  • We provide marketing, technical and support information that is readily accessible and easy to understand.
  • AS2047 Australian Standards

  • CSA Certification

  • Miami-Dade Certification

  • AS2047-Test1


  • AS2047-Test2


  • AS2047-Test3


  • Australia-Energy

    Australia Energy

  • Cyclone-Debris-Test

    Cyclone Debris Test

  • Florida-Hurrican-Approved

    Florida Hurricane Approved

  • Florida-Product-Approved

    Florida Product Approved

  • USA-Energy-Rating

    USA Energy Rating

Quality Control System

  • Thorough in-line inspection of the entire production process.

  • Final inspection of the completed product before shipment to the client.

  • Consistent reporting and tracking of deficiencies and corrections.

  • Continuous thermal and impact testing of random sample products.

  • Closed quality loop to allow for effective process and design adjustments.

  • Production supervisor feedbacks regularly at quality update meetings.


Strict Quality Management

In order to achieve our high-quality objectives and to ensure that our products completely satisfy our clients’ needs, we have developed a dedicated quality management system that is totally focused on preventing defects at every stage of production.

Quality Assurance

Our in-house manufacturing processes and activities are monitored with well defined controls using physical continuous inspection procedures performed by trained personnel.

To guarantee our strict code of quality assurance each individual component, assembly, activity and action is evaluated for compliance at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Overall Quality Control

We are extremely proud of our workmanship and believe that our quality standards are competitive.

Every product that we complete undergoes a visual and mechanical final inspection check before being certified for use.

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